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Cara Hack Facebook Orang Lain (100% Ampuh)

How to hack facebook password hack facebook or others to be knowledge that many people, especially many cool facebook users, why? I also do not know why people really want to know how to hack facebook passwords of others (hacking facebook) but this way including theft manner facebook facebook accounts or passwords of others, if I am personally curious to know how to hack facebook because just curious though it may end edges are applied also for other people to hack facebook hack facebook especially those with us first.
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Therefore, if you want to know how to hack facebook password to make sure someone else is not used for evil or that could harm others, if you just want to know it does not matter preceded keculi we might not hurt meberikan shockterappy way behind There are several ways to hack hack password facebook others, usually if facebook hacked facebook account owner can not log in because the password or email facebook always cook after hacked
I think people's facebook hack no use at all, most of us just goofing photo facebook account owner, email addresses and other data that are less useful for us, if just for fun ngerjain friend or girlfriend might not matter as long as not too much just . Okay for those of you who are curious about how to hack facebook others after some other time I also wrote how to hack facebook with keylogger others, now how to hack facebook other people in other ways:
1. Siahkan Download Facebook Frezer following: download
with password: yurieke
2. Run the program to block facebook account owner login password
3. If the program was dead, facebook owner can log into his account
This method is the easiest way of hacking facebook someone else or if you want to know how to hack facebook passwords with a keylogger you can see in the last post, what's the point of his question our facebook hack others if we ourselves do not like it if hacked
Tips To Hack Facebook was not easy at others:
Password theft, account takeover, it is often the case in the cyber world. Not a difficult thing to do, but many of the newbie who just kept wondering. . "How do I get other people's email password?" Or the most frequent questions I receive is .. "How did you get my password?"
For questions that this article was written, hopefully can add insight and open up your mind about the importance of keeping the current account was in vulnerable places.
How to get it? ...
There are many ways to get a password. Some of them do not require any special skills. Here are the ways of the most common and most frequently used: .....
[1]. Social Engineering
[2]. Keylogger
[3]. Web Spoofing
[4]. Facing Email
[5]. Password Cracking
[6]. Session Hijacking
[7]. Being Proxy Server
[8]. Utilizing User Negligence In Use FiturBrowser
[9]. Googling
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[1]. Social Engineering
Social Engineering is the name of a technique of gathering information by exploiting loopholes victim psychology. Or maybe it should also be regarded as "fraudulent" Social Engineering requires patience and caution so as the unsuspecting victims. We are required to be creative and able to think like a victim.
Social Engineering is the art of "forcing" people to do things according to your expectations or desires. Of course the "coercion" that do not openly or outside normal behavior is usually done with the victim. Humans tend to believe or easily influenced toward people who have a big name, never (or trying to) provide relief, and have the words or the convincing appearance. This is often used to prosecute perpetrators of social engineering victims. Often the perpetrator make a condition that we have some sort of dependency kepadanya.Ya, without us knowing he's conditioned us to a problem and make (as if - if only) he can overcome that problem. Thus, we would tend to do what he instructed without being suspicious.
Social Engineering is sometimes a serious threat. It seems to have nothing to do with technology, but still worth a watch out for social engineering because it can be fatal for your system. Why?? Because after a computer still can not get away from humans. Yes, no one system komputerpun on this earth that can be separated from human intervention. no matter how great your defense, if you are already controlled by the attacker through social engineering, then maybe you are the one who opened the entrance for her attacker.
[2]. Keylogger
Keylogger is a software that can record user activity. The recording is saved as plain text or images. Keylogger works by tapping a keyboard user. The application is able to recognize these forms as sensitive as the password form.
There are safe ways to avoid keyloger:
1. Use passwords with special characters like! @ # $% ^ & * () {} []. Most keyloger will ignore this character so that the perpetrator (keyloger installer) will not receive the actual password.
2. Prepare the password of the house, save it in text form. When you wish to enter a password, copy-paste tingal ajah. Keyloger will read your password by tapping the keyboard. But this way is somewhat risky. Why? because when you make a copy, your data will be stored in the clipboard. Currently, many found free software that can display the data in the clipboard.
[3]. Web Spoofing
Still remember the case pecurian Bank BCA Account number of customers? Yes, that's one real example of Web spoofing. The core of this technique is to make use of user error when typing a website address in the address bar. Basically, Web Spoofing is an attempt to trick the victim into thinking he is accessing a particular site, but it's not.
In the case of BCA, the perpetrator makes the site very similar and identical to the original site so that the victim will not be fooled doubt fill in sensitive information such as user name and password. In fact, because the site is a scam site, it is all valuable information was recorded by the fake web server, which is owned by the offender.
[4]. Facing Email
Facing email? Yes, and very easy to do this. One way is to use mailsnarf contained on dsniff utility. How to work mailsnarf is to block the data packets through the Internet and compile them into a complete email.
Dsniff and mailsnift are working on the basis of WinPcap software (equivalent to libcap on Linux) is a library that captures data packets. Packets captured is stored in a file by WinDump, while Dsniff and mailsnarf went further analyze the data packets and display the password (dsniff) or email content (mailsnarf).
[5]. Password Cracking
"Hacking while sleeping." Was the phrase used by the people who are doing password cracking. Why? Because in general dibuthkan a long time to perform password cracking. Can take hours, even days and - today! All of that depends on the target, whether the target using a common password, password length unusual character, or a combination of passwords with special characters.
One of the software which is used to do this is by using Brutus, one of the remote password cracker software is quite famous. Brutus worked with engineering dictionary attack or a bruce-force attack against ports http, POP3, FTP, telnet, and NetBIOS.
Dictionary Attack works with tried out the words in the dictionary passwords. While brute - force attack works with tried out all combinations of letters, numbers, or characters.
Brute Force Atack works very slowly and takes a long time depending on the type and character length specifications of the computer password. When this has been a lot of sites that blocked access to the login access to the business on an ongoing basis to no avail.
[6]. Session Hjacking
Session hijacking is increasingly prevalent among adult attackers. Session Hijacking usually done by imitation cookies. So in essence, we should be able to imitate the victim's cookies for login session.
So how to get the victim's cookies?
1. By analyzing Cookies.
This method is relatively difficult.
2. Stealing Cokies.
For example, the attacker would like to get an account of the A. The attacker can easily create such a script Java script is inserted in the email to be sent to korban.Saat victim opens the email, will own cookies unwittingly stolen and recorded onto a webserver by using a PHP script.
Lately, the most frequent target was Friendster account. There is an insert of a scipt through testimonials, there were inserted in the profile itself to steal the victim's cookies and so forth. I have tips for this:
1. Do not use the browser Internet Explorer
When you want to open other people's profiles, do not use Internet Explorer. Note the address intending profiles you see, first logout of your account and remove all cookies, then open your Friendster profile destination.
2. Check the source code
When receiving testimonials, please check your source code. Are there alien script or words are synonymous with piracy as:
"HACKED", "defaced", "OWNED" .. etc. ..
If in doubt ....... reject ajah ..
3. Logout unexpectedly.
Alert when without any apparent reason suddenly you logout automatically from your account. When you are prompted to enter a username and password, see your addressbar first! whether you are on a site that should or not. Check the source code page tersebut.Lihat the form action, where your information will be sent.
Actually, session hijacking can be prevented if only the service providers pay attention to the following:
1. Assign a unique session identifier
2. Set the system identifier random pattern
3. Session identifiers independent
4. Session identifiers can be mapped to the connection
client side.
Another phenomenon is, until the time this article was published, it was often found that users who do not sign out after opening the account. Thus, another person who uses the computer and open a website that has just been opened by the first will be automatically logged into the victim's account.
[7]. Being Proxy Server
We can gather information with a proxy server for the victim to be able to surf. With a proxy server, the whole identity of the surfers can be ours.
[8]. Utilizing user Negligence in the use fiturbrowser
Each browser must have features intended for the ease and convenience of users in surfing. Among them is the presence of cache and Password Manager.
On the Internet of course, many a website whose content is not changed in a few days (for example nich .. hehehe Well, for a site like this cache to be a very useful thing. Cache will store the files browsing so it will if you visit again browser to the site no longer have to download a second time from the server so that every page you have open before will open more quickly. All that is usually governed by the header time to live.
Well, how about the news provider sites are always up to date? For sites like it, time to live it will be set = 0 so that later you'll continue to download every time you visit.
Quite convenient is not it? Yes, but the threat began to emerge. Try it now you explore options related to the cache in your browser. Course you can see that there is a facility to determine how much temporary files that can be stored on the hard drive. Find also the location where the files are stored.
Try to open the folder, you will see the html files and image files from sites that you have visited. In IE browser, you can see the location of the cache files by browsing the menu Tools -> Internet Options -> Settings
So what can I get it?? yet only the files "garbage"?? Hmm ... now try to copy all the files there into a folder. Then open one of their HTML files. If it's a public computer, you can find out what sites have been accessed by the person before you.
Hmm .. just by looking at your temporary files can even see the password and etc.. I met lots of sites that store passwords and displays it on the url. Of course, you also must have often read in various tutorials.
Most browsers today have facilities for storing passwords. For example, when receipts Mozilla Firefox, you'll often receive a confirmation dialog box asking if you want your password saved or not by PasswordManager. Most users tend to select YES, whether consciously or if they do not know (read: do not want to know) what the purpose of the dialogue box.
Others who then use the browser that can very easily get the victim's password to enter the menu Tools -> Options -> Security -> Saved passwords.
Another example is a facility owned by the wand passwords Opera browser. When you enter a user name and password in a form and pressing the submit button, opera by default will ask to confirm to you whether you want the browser to store your id and password or not. Again and again ... most netter sloppy, they tend to select "YES".
Then?? Others who then use a browser that can view any site that is accessed by the user, point your browser to the site, place the cursor on the form the user name, press [ALT] + [ENTER] and BOOOMM!!!! Why?? Do not be surprised yet!! Hehehe .. login form will automatically be filled with the victim's user name complete with the password: D (It's fun enough ..
These are just a few examples, explore the features firtur other browsers!
[9]. Googling Many sites have collapsed, passwords and number - credit card number stolen as a result of the work of people who abuse this miracle Previously, it was easily dilakukan.Hanya by typing certain keywords associated with your user name and password, you can harvest hundreds of user passwords through google. But now it seems you have to bite the finger when using the above manner; D
Do not be sad before because Google has just spawned a new product, the Google Code Search. Start a new threat arises, "the clever" is now able to crawl up to archive files that are in the public directory of the web server. Be careful who had a habit to store important information in it (passwords, and other valuable info) should start the habit now eliminated. Always protect sensitive folders so that your website can live longer. If not ... yach .. ajah wait for someone new products utilizing google to dredge sensitive information from your web server. and if that had happened ... so be prepared .. "Playground" will be taken over by it ..

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Cara membuat Blog di Blogger

membuat blog
How to create a blog on Blogger - Blogs are sigkatan from "Web log" is one of the web applications in the form of writings commonly referred to as a post on a web page. The writings are often sorted from the latest and was followed by a long time.
At first, the blog was created as personal records are stored online, but now the contents of a blog is very varied which contains tutorials (eg this blog), vent, business and others. In general, the blog is no different with the website in general on the internet.
Flatform blog or often called a blog engine designed in such a way by the designers / programmers so that the blog is easy to use. First, to create a web application required knowledge of HTML programming, PHP, CSS, etc., to blog everything becomes easy as calling the numbers 1 2 3.How to Create Blog In Blogger
One of the free blog providers are quite popular today is blogspot or blogger, which when mendaptar is through site but the domain name you will get is sub domain of blogspot, example:
Why make a blog on and not on any other blog site providers? Actually there is no need to create a blog on blogger, but there are many advantages of bloggers compared with other blog providers. Some examples of advantages compared to the other bloggers that is easy to operate so suitable for beginners, more flexibility in changing and editing the template so that your blog will look more fresh as the creations of their own, custom domain or you can change the name of your blog with your own domain name eg in change, while still using blogspot hosting and still remain free.
It should be emphasized from the outset that the Internet is very dynamic nature, so it may be in some future time to make your blogger blog will be a little different than what you see on
To reduce the unnecessary things in writing, here's how to create a blog on blogger.comCreating Email
One of the requirements that must be met in a blog is that you have an email address is still active or in use. If you do not have an email address, please register first at gmail because blogger is a service from Google that when applying to blogger should use a gmail email. If you do not understand how to create an email, please read first postingancara make a gmail email.Blog List in Blogger

Please visit
Upon registration page opens, turn your attention to the bottom right, change the language to Indonesia to be more easily understood.
Please direct entry / login with the username / username and password / sandigmail you (email account you able to log into blogger).

Fill out the form that is:
Display name: fill in the name you want displayed on your blog profile.
Gender: choose according to your gender, ie men.
Acceptance of Terms: Give tada checklist as a sign wherewith you agree with the rules set by the blogger. Suggestion: you should read the requirements first so that you know and understand what is allowed and not allowed when using blogger.
Click the arrow labeled "Continue".

Click the "New Blog".

Fill out the form:
Title: Enter the title of the blog is in want, eg: Scribble the visionaries
Address: fill in the desired blog address. Remember! This address can not be edited after made, if you want to get serious, then choose the name you really want.
Template: select the template (the blog) are preferred (this may change again).
Continue to click on the "Create a blog".

Up here blog has been successfully created.
To avoid spam filters, you should direct any posting only. Click "Start posting".

Fill in the title and article. Finish by clicking the "Publish".

Please visit your blog by clicking the "View Blog"
Your blog has now been created and can be opened in different parts of the world. Announce to your friends that you now have a blog.

Di Mana Anda Dapat Menemukan Gambar Gratis atau Murah Uuntuk Blog Anda?

They say a picture can communicate a thousand words. Role not only as a supporter picture writing but also as a pause in a long blog entry. But many wonder where they can find free or low-cost images for use on the blog.

Many local bloggers using images they find from anywhere, including Google Image, without thinking. This approach should be done with caution because the pictures and images could be the work of existing copyrights. Unless you have special permission from the owner, you should stay away from the source image is not clear.

Fortunately, many owners of pictures and photo kindly allowed the use of their photos. Flickr example is image and photo sites are very popular. There you can search for photographs that can be used for free. Lots of interesting images to use no need to pay royalties, just that you should put a link back to the source.

If you do not mind paying, offer millions of high-quality photos. Price starts from approximately $ 1 per image size is small, particularly useful for the blog.

Bagaimana Anda Dapat Menciptakan Konten Yang Menarik?

Pada tahap ini, Anda telah memiliki blog dan menata komputer Anda sehingga dapat menulis kapan saja tanpa harus terkoneksi ke Internet. Anda juga sudah tahu apa yang harus ditulis pertama kali. Nah, sekarang pertanyaannya bagaimana Anda dapat menciptakan konten yang menarik sehingga dibaca orang terus menerus?
Menurut hemat saya, konten yang menarik bukanlah konten yang menurut Anda bagus. Semuanya harus dipikirkan dari perspektif seorang pembaca. Akan sangat membantu jika Anda memikirkannya sebagai aliran proses. Tentunya ini tergantung bagaimana pembaca Anda menemukan blog Anda.
Katakanlah semuanya bermula dari mesin pencari. Untuk dapat ditemukan di sana, Anda harus menggunakan keyword atau kata kunci yang dipakai oleh para pemirsa. Artinya Anda perlu melakukan riset kata kunci yang tepat untuk dipakai di tulisan blog Anda. Proses ini, termasuk cara optimasi blog agar ditemukan di mesin pencari merupakan satu bidangnya sendiri yang dinamakan SEO atau Search Engine Optimization.
Nah, saat menemukan tulisan Anda di mesin pencari… apa yang membuat seorang calon pembaca mengeklik halaman situs Anda? Sebuah judul yang menarik. Ya, judul tulisan Anda tidak boleh membosankan. Walaupun tulisan Anda mengenai topik yang sangat biasa, harus disuntikkan nyawa ke dalamnya agar hidup. Seni dan pengetahuan ini dinamakan copywriting.
Setelah seorang pengunjung datang ke blog Anda, mereka akan mulai membaca. Kalimat pertama dan paragraf pendahulan haruslah menarik agar pembaca memutuskan untuk menelusuri keseluruhan konten. Di Internet, orang seringkali bergerak sangat cepat. Mereka dengan cepat bergerak dari atas peramban web ke bawah dan hanya berhenti jika benar-benar menemukan hal yang menarik.
Dengan kata lain, Anda punya waktu yang sangat sedikit untuk menarik perhatian mereka. Dan bila konten Anda kuat dan berhasil menghibur atau membuat mereka berdecak kagum, mungkin mereka akan berlangganan RSS blog Anda. RSS itu pada dasarnya format berkas yang berisi konten blog Anda, yang dapat dibaca dari pembaca RSS. Seorang pelanggan tidak harus mengunjungi blog Anda untuk mengetahui apakah ada tulisan baru. Pembaca RSS akan memberitahu kepada mereka.
Aliran proses itu dapat dijadikan panduan untuk menarik pemirsa. Penting diingat bahwa jika salah satu titik yang dijelaskan di atas lemah, pembaca mungkin saja memutuskan untuk berhenti dan tidak pernah kembali lagi. Dan aliran proses ini hanyalah suatu proses.
Merupakan bidang yang lain pula bila Anda ingin menulis dengan gaya yang menarik. Beberapa orang memiliki talenta untuk yang satu ini sedangkan yang lain harus berimprovisasi sedikit demi sedikit. Harus diakui saya termasuk yang belakangan.
Oh ya, satu lagi. Format tulisan pun bisa menentukan apakah konten Anda menarik atau tidak. Ingat bahwa pemirsa bergerak cepat. Jika konten Anda hanya kumpulan tulisan dengan paragraf panjang, tanpa format apa-apa, dalam satu halaman web, pembaca akan patah semangat dan mencari sumber daya lain. Mereka tidak punya banyak waktu kecuali Anda telah berhasil meyakinkan mereka tentang kualitas dan daya tarik tulisan tersebut.
Salah satu cara yang suka saya pakai adalah dengan membagi-bagi tulisan menjadi beberapa bagian. Metode lain adalah dengan menulis dalam format yang mudah dicerna. Misalnya, 3 langkah membuat blog gratis. Setiap langkah akan merupakan sub-bagian dari artikel sehingga tidak terlihat sebagi suatu blok konten yang membosankan.

Apa Topik Yang Harus Saya Tulis?

Sebenarnya ini bukan pertanyaan teknis, namun cukup sering ditanyakan sehingga saya memutuskan untuk memasukkan satu bagian singkat dalam panduan ini.
Pertanyaan tentang topik yang ditulis dapat terjawab dengan segera begitu Anda menemukan ceruk pasar Anda dan peran Anda di dalamnya. Jika Anda memulai suatu blog hanya untuk alasan pribadi maka konten yang Anda buat tentunya terserah Anda, tapi bila blog yang bersangkutan terkait dengan bisnis maka ceruk pasar menjadi faktor yang sangat menentukan.
Memang tidak ada salahnya menulis apa saja yang terlintas di benak Anda atau topik apa pun yang Anda sukai, tapi untuk membangun komunitas melalui blog… ceruk pasar yang Anda pilih harus jelas dan terarah. Pemirsa jarang ingin menghabiskan waktu untuk blog yang tidak jelas topik dan tujuannya, kecuali bila mereka membaca hanya untuk sebagai hiburan.
Saran saya, bila Anda benar-benar tidak tahu di mana harus memulai, konsultasikan dengan Google. Cari tahu apa yang ditulis sesama blogger tentang topik yang Anda pilih. Berlangganan RSS dan mengikutinya selama beberapa waktu akan membuka wawasan Anda mengenai apa yang dapat Anda tulis. Saya yakin setelah terjun ke dalamnya dan menguasai suatu bidang, hal-hal yang dapat Anda tulis sesungguhnya tidak terbatas.
Misalnya, jika menemukan topik yang menarik di blog lain dan Anda memiliki perspektif yang lain, atau pendapat yang berbeda, tidak ada salahnya memulai percakapan dari blog Anda dan memberikan tautan ke sumber. Dengan cara ini saya telah menjalin hubungan dengan banyak blogger ternama. Anda pun dapat melakukannya. Cara ini jauh lebih efektif sebagai pembuka percakapan dibanding email tak diundang. Blogger profesional seringkali memonitor apa yang dikatakan oleh rekan sesama blogger dan tautan yang masuk ke dalam blog mereka.
Anda juga dapat menjawab pertanyaan yang ditemukan di forum-forum. Mungkin jawaban Anda di forum terkesan ringkas tapi setelah melalui proses pemikiran yang cukup lama, pasti ada tambahan. Tidak ada salahnya menuliskannya agar ada arsipnya sehingga dapat ditemukan oleh orang lain.
Akan ada kesulitan ketika pertama kali menulis, tapi yakinlah selanjutnya selalu akan lebih mudah. Sampai suatu saat ide untuk topik akan lebih cepat berdatangan dan Anda tidak akan memiliki waktu yang cukup untuk menulis semuanya. Saat ini, mudah bagi saya untuk mendapatkan ide, tapi memilih ide yang tepat untuk ditulis sama sulitnya. Tantangan blogger di semua tingkatan selalu ada. Tinggal bagaimana Anda menyikapinya dan belajar darinya.